Lady in Repose    
                                                                  Oil on wood 19" x 75" (c) LorrenGrant 2016
                                                                                Artist's private collection
                                                          Inspired by the sensuous contours of the female body
   Welcome to my site. My Company is - Art Ect. by Lorren Grant. I enjoy all the arts. As you peruse my webpage you will see my paintings, children's illustrations, photographs and delectable snippets from my manuscripts, some as yet, unpublished so you'll be the first to read.  The paintings and photographs are for sale on this site. Thanks for your interest, Lorren Grant.
Three Roses
I painted three roeses, each in acrylic on 8" x 6" canvases. One yellow, one peach, one red. All three together framed equals
15" x 30". $400.
I was inspired by the innate beautyof roses, each unique in their own way, as are people.
 (c) Lorren Grant 2016
Swimming Upsteam
Acrylic on canvas, 36" x 24"
I was inspired by my love of the ocean and by the realization that I 'swim through life" my own way.
(c) Lorren Grant 2016
Fluttering Fall
Acrylic on canvas, 36" x 24"
I was inspired by a walk through fallen maple leaves, by the myriad of colours of Fall and by the cycle of life.
(c) Lorren Grant 2016
I took these photos at the Port Moody Inlet. They are another example of my love for the ocean. It was as if this magnificent creature was posing for my camera. I ponder at the contradition of its beauty and its poisonous sting. I have made giclee`s of these photos. Each is 14" x 21". Each is $200. (c) Lorren Grant

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I hope this first page wets your appetite
for more of my  art, be it my paintings, photographs, children's illustrations or writing.
I will continue to add my work as I create it and I will  make it easy for you to purchase right here from my website a.s.a.p.
Thanks for your interest and support,
Lorren Grant
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